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Employee Profiles

  • Todd Neuman - Founder, President, & Chief Architect

    Todd Neuman's eleven years of experience in designing supporting networks and developing software for large multinationals lead naturally to a position as a developer and programmer for CanTax, a Canadian Tax software company. Later, his extensive background in integrating software with hardware and network systems, coupled with his skill at integrating software solutions for his retail customers, allowed him to detect a lack of Point-Of-Sale (POS)/Inventory Solutions that where suitable for the retail industries. Asked on numerous occasions to develop software to meet the needs of his retail clients, Todd easily identified this market need and thus became the Founding Developer of Matrix in early 1999....more

  • Richard Speiss - Director, Project Management

    Richard Speiss offers Matrix twenty-one years of experience in developing business systems on microcomputers. He was a founder of a large DOS Point of Sale company in 1987, and was a primary designer and programmer of its Retail Management System. It was the first package to introduce inventory grid capabilities to the market. He has extensive experience in Point of Sale, Inventory, Communications and specialized hardware platforms....more