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Richard Speiss, Director, Project Management

Richard Speiss offers Matrix twenty-one years of experience in developing business systems on microcomputers. He was a founder of a large DOS Point of Sale company in 1987, and was a primary designer and programmer of its Retail Management System. It was the first package to introduce inventory grid capabilities to the market. He has extensive experience in Point of Sale, Inventory, Communications and specialized hardware platforms.

Richard joined Matrix in early 2001 and is proud to be a member of the team focused on the "Next Generation" Retail Management System. Since coming on board, he has shared his Object Oriented methods and processes and has been instrumental in the design and creation our new Distributed Communications Module. This Module enables MIMS to scale into much larger organizations than was possible under the old style polling methods that other packages continue to use. Richard is a true believer in marrying the best technologies and with ease of use - a recipe for success.