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MIMS (Matrix Inventory Management System)


Edward's Factory Outlet LTD.
Attn: Visar Veliu
9932 - 121 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4J1


We have used Matrix POS Software for over 20 years. What has impressed us over the years is the excellent customer service and support, as well as their ability to adapt to change. They continuously upgrade to improve our services like online inventory updating, managing inventory on hand, reports, sales tracking, etc. They have also assisted us to efficiently train our employees assigned to POS manager to effectively input and manage inventory. Matrix has also "been there" for us during the pandemic, setting us up for remote access. They genuinely care and really pay attention to detail. They are an amazing supplier that has provided us with all the necessary support. I highly recommend Matrix for all your POS needs.

-Visar Veliu, Edward's Factory Outlet LTD