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About MIMS (Matrix Inventory Management System)

The Matrix Inventory Management System is the next evolution in retail and distribution software. Because the system was designed and tested by professionals with retail backgrounds, the result is a focus on simple solutions to critical retail issues.

Our e-commerce ready software is marketing-driven with extensive customer profiling.

Over-stocked inventory in specific sizes is a retailer's worst nightmare. Imagine being able to identify customers who wear those sizes and then market directly to them by phone, direct mail or e-mail.

At the heart of our system is inventory management. We address the issue of having the right inventory at the right time and help you achieve your business goals by providing the tools and guidance necessary to maximize margins, inventory turns and profit analysis.

Attached to our inventory management system are sub-systems designed to help you maximize efficiencies and manage specific areas of your business such as Purchasing, Account Management and Detailed Sales Analysis.