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About Matrix Inventory Solutions

Business History

Matrix Inventory Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 1999, with the goal of providing technical expertise in the implementation and ongoing technical needs of retailers.

Matrix Inventory Solutions Inc. was incorporated in Alberta in early 1999, with the goal of producing a superior, easy to use, windows based retail application. The main programmers have extensive experience in the development of retail applications. Richard Speiss, a key software developer, was one of the founding members of a large DOS Canadian Point of Sale application. Todd Neuman, the chief designer/programmer, had his first commercial application designed and sold by the age of sixteen.

Vision and Mission Statement

To maintain a high standard of services to our clients, providing superior solutions to retail Point of Sale needs. We specialize in Point of Sale software, hardware, support, and sustaining long-term relationships with our clients.

Location and Facilities

Head office:

7028 A Fairmount Drive S. E.
Calgary, Alberta

Key Features of the Products and Services

Matrix Inventory Solutions Inc. provides superior, point of sale, products and services in a unique way:

  • We guarantee our sales -- we don’t make promises we can’t keep.
  • All aspects of our business are customer focused. We are in business to serve other businesses. Every employee at Matrix Inventory Solutions Inc. shares the same vision; good customer service is the only way to do business. Therefore, our philosophy, and reputation, is to always maintain a high level of service and satisfaction.
  • One of the many key features of our software package is the soundness of it. Matrix is written in SQL and follows a GUID architecture, creating a high level of data integrity. This form of programming makes the software extremely stable and able to store vast amounts of information.
  • Another main feature of the software is a module called “Q-Watcher”. Q-Watcher is a product used to ensure data integrity. It allows for multi store communication and access to up to the minute store activity over any distances through the Internet and other forms of network communication. Matrix is the ONLY software company that has the “Q-watcher” application. This unique program offers a competitive advantage over other point of sale applications.
  • Our management and programming staff have an extreme amount of experience in the retail industry. All new employees are carefully selected and trained to uphold our high level of service standards.
  • The Matrix system shows your inventory in a four level matrix. The screen shows the style, size, color, and alternate widths.
  • Our technicians offer support plans up to twenty-four hour / seven days a week technical support.
  • Matrix is extremely user friendly. With all the experience our programmers have in the retail industry, they have created and extremely easy to use program developed to operate on Windows based operating system.